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Senior Asian couple at homeDo you have missing teeth and are embarrassed to go out in public? Are you missing out on life because of your missing teeth? Are some of your teeth getting worn down because of overuse due to your missing teeth? Having missing teeth can be painful, embarrassing and can cause problems with your other teeth.

Smiles with Style can offer you a solution that can give you your beautiful smile back, bring you better dental health and maybe even improve your life. This solution is called a dental bridge.

What is a Dental Bridge?

A dental bridge is a device that actually serves as a bridge over your missing teeth. You can have a permanent dental bridge, which is attached to dental crowns on each side. Or you can have a removable dental bridge, which is a device that clicks in and out of your mouth something like a retainer. Either option serves as a durable, attractive and comfortable solution to having missing teeth in your smile.

What are the advantages of getting a dental bridge?

  • A dental bridge can replace the space missing teeth have given to you in your smile.
  • A dental bridge may keep your other teeth from shifting and often damaging your teeth’s alignment and bite.
  • A dental bridge looks just like your natural teeth. It is customized and color-matched to your teeth so it looks completely natural. So smile and laugh with confidence.
  • A dental bridge feels like your natural teeth and also can help you feel that complete mouth full of teeth. The missing teeth gap along with that strange feel in your smile disappears.
  • A dental bridge functions just like natural teeth, so eat and chew all you like.

At the office of Dr. DeLong, they want you to love your smile–how it looks, how it feels and how it functions. They are happy to partner with you to give you the best smile possible. If you want more information about getting a dental bridge, call today.


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