Root Canals

Are you suffering from a toothache and it’s causing you distress? Are you having headaches associated with the toothache? Are you finding it difficult to eat or go to work or live your life comfortably because of a toothache? If so, you may need a root canal.

Having a root canal in the past was pretty much a prescription for a lot of pain. However, with modern dental technology, a root canal often is far less painful than the toothache or other issues that brings you to our office in the first place.

What is a root canal and why do I need one?

  • When you were getting your baby teeth, the tooth pulp inside your tooth was necessary to keep those baby teeth healthy.
  • As you grew and got your adult teeth, the tooth pulp is not needed anymore. It is the tooth pulp that becomes infected.
  • Once the tooth pulp is infected, often times you can get a whopping toothache. However, a toothache doesn’t always accompany the need for a root canal. During your checkup, the doctor will be able to ascertain if a root canal is the proper treatment for you.
  • A root canal is simply removing the decay created by the infected tooth pulp, filling the area with an antibiotic medicine, and sealing the area with tooth-colored filling that is also used for cavities. This filling is metal free, so is healthier and more attractive, as it is color matched to your other teeth. If there is severe damage to the tooth, Dr. DeLong may suggest putting on a dental crown to make sure your tooth is safe from further decay or damage.

If you are suffering from a toothache or have other issues that may need a root canal, Dr. DeLong and our caring, well-trained team are ready to give you the relief you need. No one deserves to be in pain that can limit your life. Call today and they can partner with you to give you the relief you need.


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