Dental Bridges

Senior Asian couple at homeDo you have missing teeth, but have determined that dentures or implants are not the way to go? If so, you may be feeling out of luck. Missing teeth can cause a lot of difficulty in your life. Fortunately, there is another option for you. One that is a happy medium between dentures and implants.

Here at our Santa Clara office, we’ll gladly fix you up with a dental bridge, in order to bring your mouth back to full capacity, and your life back to full function.

What is a Dental Bridge?

A dental bridge does what it sounds like. It forms an actual bridge over the gaps in your mouth. This bridge contains replacement teeth which look and function exactly like natural teeth. They are custom-designed to perfectly fit your mouth and your needs.

There are options, too. You can have a permanent dental bridge, which is attached to your teeth on either side by means of a dental crown. You can also choose to have a removable dental bridge. This device fits into your mouth very much like a retainer.

If the gaps are in a place that does not easily support a permanent bridge, there are also implant-supported options. This allows the permanence of the crown-supported bridge without having to have each missing tooth individually implanted.

Any of these options are durable, attractive, and comfortable solutions that will bring your eating and speaking back to full power.

What are the advantages of getting a dental bridge?

  • A dental bridge will keep your other teeth from shifting and possibly damaging your alignment.
  • A bridge is customized. It is specially shaped and color-matched so that it looks completely natural.
  • It feels like your natural teeth, as well. No more gaps. No uncomfortable fit or pain.
  • A bridge is fully functional. Eat and speak all you like with no more difficulty.

Dr. DeLong and our team both want you to love your smile! Our dental bridges will give you back the functionality of your bite while also making it look great. For more information about dental bridges, please stop by our office or call us directly.