implantsAre you missing teeth, maybe even all your teeth? Unfortunately, this can effect your life, your health, and your confidence in your smile. There are many options to help you get back your life, health, and loving your smile.

Dr. DeLong and his well-trained team offer several dentures options, and can help you find the best options for your needs.

  • Full traditional dentures – Traditional dentures are a full set of false teeth, but don’t be scared off by images of George Washington’s legendary wooden teeth. Modern dentures are comfortable, secure, and designed to perfectly suit your mouth like you were born with them. Our full dentures will have you eating and speaking perfectly in no time.
  • Partial dentures – Perhaps you are missing several teeth, but not all of them. Partial dentures could be the solution for you. Partial dentures replace long stretches of teeth that may not be suitable for other replacement options.

    They can also be either permanent or removable. Permanent partial dentures will be secured to dental crowns or implants on either end. Removable dentures work something like a retainer, snapping in and out of place when needed.

  • Implant supported dentures – Implant supported dentures are the most permanent option available. In the very same way that a single tooth may be attached to an implanted root, a set of dentures can also be secured.

    This form of denture will allow you complete tooth replacement without the difficulty of getting each individual tooth implanted. Implant-supported dentures are sturdy and long-lasting. They act exactly like your real teeth, and are just as easy to clean and maintain.

Dentures, whether full or partial, look just like natural teeth. They are color-matched, carefully designed, and perfectly crafted to exactly suit your mouth. Modern adhesives are better than ever, and so are implant procedures. Our office is fully prepared to restore your health and your comfort with a set of customized dentures.

Give us a call to set up a consultation. We’ll go over everything with you, so that you end up with exactly what you need. Whichever option you choose for your dentures, our team will give you the very best that Santa Clara has to offer.