Root Canals

If you’re suffering from a severe toothache and headaches, and you find it difficult to eat, you may need a root canal.

Good news! Root canals are not the terrifying, painful procedures that many people have come to associate with the phrase. In fact, modern technology has made the techniques used to perform them nearly as simple as an everyday cavity filling.

What exactly is a root canal?

Deep beneath the hardened outer layer of your teeth lies a much softer tissue known as pulp. The pulp contains blood vessels and other materials that kept your tooth nourished while it was growing.

The root canal itself is the inner portion of the tooth’s roots through which the pulp runs. The root canal procedure is simply the cleaning of this canal.

Why do I need it cleaned?

In most healthy teeth, this pulp is safely protected by both dentin and enamel. Unfortunately, though enamel is extremely tough, it is still susceptible to breakage and decay. If the pulp gets exposed to particles or bacteria, it can begin to decay as well. This decay is what causes the pain and headaches.

When the pulp gets inflamed, the root canal has to be cleaned out.

How Does it Work?

A root canal cleaning is actually exactly like a normal cavity filling. The only real difference is that it happens much deeper inside the tooth. During this cleaning, the dentist will enter through the top of the tooth. They will use a flexible rotary tool to clear out everything that’s been infected. The canal is then filled with a gentle replacement material, and capped with a protective crown.

Once this procedure has been done, your toothache will be long gone. You’ll be able to bite and chew with no problems. Any temperature sensitivity will disappear. Best of all, your tooth is completely healthy once again.

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