Teeth Whitening

7Staining, illness, and every-day wear and tear often dull teeth from their natural, brilliant look. Smiles that were once dazzling now cause self-consciousness. If you find yourself hiding from the camera, or laughing less than you used to, we can help.

Here at our Santa Clara office, we know how to put the dazzle back into your smile, and into your life. How? We offer two teeth whitening treatments that are truly remarkable.

ZOOM!™ teeth whitening

Zoom teeth whitening is an amazing system! In just one visit, you’ll be able to see a noticeable difference.

How does it work? Zoom has patented a system that uses peroxide-based whitening. Professional strength Zoom gel will be painted onto your teeth, after which it is exposed to a Zoom light.

The peroxide in the gel breaks down into water and oxygen. The oxygen itself is what really gets into the teeth and attacks tough stains.

The best part is that Zoom works fast. The chair-side lamp used in this technique actually accelerates the whitening process. In just a few sessions that are only 15 minutes each, your teeth will be brighter and more brilliant than ever.

Professional take home teeth whitening

Not everyone is able to come in the office for whitening. Life happens. But over-the-counter products are often disappointing. They just aren’t able to offer you the professional-grade treatment your teeth deserve.

Good news! We also offer a take-home whitening system that you can use on your own schedule and at your own convenience.

This product consists of custom-made trays, prepared specifically by your dentist. They are filled with a professional strength teeth bleaching gel, which will work faster and more effectively than anything store-bought. All you have to do is slip the trays on each night.

In only two weeks, you will see a spectacular difference. This method is quick and effective, but most of all it’s easy.

For a whiter, brighter smile, call our office today. Smiles with Style wants to get you the dazzle you deserve.